"why can't demiboys be lesbians?" well, heres why,,,

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someone who is non-binary identifies as a gender other than man or woman. being non-binary is a spectrum, there are many genders included under the non-binary umbrella. demiboy means that your gender identifies in between non-binary and boy, hence the name demiboy. usually, they identify partly as a boy and some other gender in the non-binary spectrum.

demiboys can't identify as lesbians. they quite literally identify partly as men, and men can't be lesbians, as well as joking about men being lesbians is not funny either. (yes, i am talking about tommyinnit) while demiboys aren't men, it still hurts lesbianism. for example, if a demiboy only liked non-men, they would likely identify as straight. demigirls also can't identify as gay for much of the same reasons.

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identifying as a lesbian while also identifying as a demiboy invalidates lesbians because demiboys partly identify as men. lesbians aren't even attracted to men, and demiboys, as well as men, will never be included in lesbianism. however, demigirls can be lesbian since they partly identify as women.

it's pretty easy to understand,,, so hopefully u aren't confused. however, if u are, don't be afraid to ask questions !!

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